Professional Advance Bartending Course

Professional Advance Bartending Course

5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, morning and evening batches
course fees-
Rs 65,000/-* Pune
Rs 65,000/-* Mumbai
(you get course material, molecular mixology kit and bar kit)

Learn standard & advance bartending, molecular mixology, advance flair bartending and all about wines at the Best Bartending School

Standard Bartending Plus Advance And Molecular Mixology

High end international cocktails
Deatil study of spirits and liqueurs
Molecular mixology, Ennovative mixology
Application of scientific analysis, techniques & equipment's to mixing.
Preparing a perfect molecular cocktail, by application of various technique Uses of chemical and their properties
Introduce new products, modern molecular equipment and tools and new methods
Proper technique and concoction
Dos and don'ts of molecular Mixology
Handouts for recipe, technique and dos and don't.
Understand the possibilities of and practical applications of Molecular Mixology.
Menu Engineering

Advance Flair Bartending

A Pro Level Flair bartending course
A Flair routine for competition
3 min work flair sequence
3 min exhibition fair sequence
2 can 1 bottle
3 can 1 bottle
2 bottle 1 can
2 can 2 bottle
3 bottle flair routine
Fire flair

Wine Certificate Course Level II Wine

Wines - Definitions, Production process, Classifications, Wine Producing Countries, Wine Laws, Labeling, Service and Brands.
Cellar Management - The cellar, Cellar products,
Refrigeration - Storage temperatures,
How is wine produced
Varities of grappes
Different style of wines
Label and geographical information
Key wine producing countries
Wine appreciation and casting
Wine and Food paring