Sachin Gowda

Sachin Gowda


Rohit Kasare

Sachin Gowda prodigies with a knack of Mixology & Flair, creative and craze for innovation is what can easily define them. Celebrated Guinness world record holdersin a mega event organized by colors. They also holds the records of being the youngest record holder, both nationally and internationally, and also announced as Top 2 flair bartenders in Indiaat Skyy vodka Global flair bartending competition 2011 held at Grand Hyatt,

1st Sachin has also represented India in Dubai at Skyy global flair bartending 2011, 2nd Pankaj Kamble and also banged the 1st place in Angostura bitters national cocktail championship will soon represent India in Trinidad and Tabago..and are now training bartenders with various moves and style of flair bartending throughout India, they are in demand in this industry since last 3 yrs, organizing various flair bar tending shows and events by the likes of 5 star property and standards, armed with years of dedicated flair bar-tending experience. They are certified party rocker; get ready to experience the best


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