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At Flairology, we believe that it is our responsibility to create the best bartenders and we’ve taken a step in that direction by setting up our own bartending academy. We understand that the society needs responsible and humble bartenders for which we impart knowledge and values with hands on training and an opportunity to polish their skills before stepping out into the world of bartending.

We provide training for modern mixology with stylish operational skills which gives you a dynamic experience and an edge over other bartenders once you start working. Our courses are developed and designed by experts which makes them one of the most progressive courses in the world.

Let us not forget the current demand in hospitality industry for efficient, stylish and innovative bartenders who can charm customers with not only their mastery with drinks but also their bartending skills. Over a thousand people have graduated from our professional bar school in the last 3 years and now reputed bartenders in their respective workspace. Students at Flairology Bar School are trained by world class bartenders who hold Guinness World Records and are National bartending Champions.

Flairology Bar School & Events have two academies, situated in Mumbai and Pune. No matter where you go, our courses will be taught with passion and diligence while we vow to never sacrifice the quality of our services.


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Why Us

Flairology has its finger on the pulse of latest activities in the world of bartending. To be a proficient bartender, it goes without saying that one needs to get a real life experience behind the bar and training from top industry experts, which is precisely what Flairology strives to provide.

About Us

It all started when Pankaj Kamble and Sachin Gowda, the prodigies of Mixology and Flair, came together with technical experts Abhijeet Roy and Rohit Kasare to fill the gap of creative bartenders in the country.

When you know you are the masters of bartending, it becomes a responsibility towards the community to create good bartenders. Sharing knowledge for the betterment of the world did no harm ever. Thus came into picture our Flairology Academy where we value imparting knowledge for one to be a complete and professional bartender. Keeping in mind the demand of the hospitality industry of stylish, efficient and innovative bartending skills, we train the new generation in modern mixology with dapper operational skills. This form of training helps our students to perform satisfactorily in any dynamic environment. With over 1,000 students alumni in the last 3 years trained under world class bartenders holding Guinness World Records and National bartending Champions, we cannot help but boast of being one of the best in the industry.

If you wish to pursue bartending with us, you can choose from two locations - Mumbai and Pune. wherever you go, our passion, dedication and quality of education will always be the same.

Our Responsibility

  1. Get trained by Guinness World Record holders.

  2. Asia's 1st and only bar school with work station set up.

  3. Individual bar station for each student.

  4. Focus more on Practical Teaching - both In School and Live Operating bar.

  5. Qualified and Personalized Flair Trainer.

  6. Video Library(Flair and mixology) for Self Learning.

  7. Guest Lecturers & Activities (Like visiting Wineries, Micro Breweries, and Bars).

  8. Best Industrial placement - India, abroad.

3 months - (5 days a week)

2 hrs a day, Morning and evening batches

Mixology & Standard Flair

  •  Spirits Of The World, Production Of Spirits, Liqueurs, & Fermented Beverages
  •  Methodology Of Combining & Mixing Drinks
  •  Menu Engineering
  •  Flavor Profiling & Flavor Paring
  •  Refrigeration: Storage and Temperatures
  •  Styles Of Cocktails: Tom Collins ,Frappe, Rocks, Frozen, Shots,Daisy, Fizz etc.
  •  Wines: Definitions, Production, Classifications, Wine Producing Countries, Wine Laws, Labeling, Service
  •  Modern Trends Of Bartending
  •  Introduction To Molecular Mixology
  •  Basic flair, work flair, exhibition flair & fire flair
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2 months - (5 days a week)

2 hrs a day, Morning and evening batches

Advance flair bartending course

  •  Personalized Flair Trainer And Bar equipment
  •  Basics Of Flair Bartending - Shaker Moves
  •  Bottle Moves (Stalls, Rolls, Bumps, Flips, Grips)
  •  Perfecting the Art of Free Pouring
  •  Pouring Style
  •  Fire Flair Sequence
  •  3 Flair Sequence With Filled Bottle
  •  3 Bottle Flair, 2 Shaker 1 Bottle Moves
  •  Flair With Ice, Glassware, Tissues, Other
  •  Equipments
  •  Tricks And Magic
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  • Post program benefits: Post the program attendees will be able to successfully complete the following tasks:
    • Identify and use various bar equipment and accessories.
    • Describe various Spirits, Liquers and other Spirits, their production process depending on areas they come from.
    • Make popular Classic Cocktails of various Spirits.
    • Serve Spirits and Cocktails in authentic style.
    • Learn to innovate Classic Cocktails.
    • Understand modern technique of mixology
    • Learn to conceptualize Cocktails.
  • Prerequisites:
    • Genuine Interest and Passion.
    • Pursuing Hotel Management or Working Professional.
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